Open for Summer

“I walk around like everything’s fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.”


The above quote is definitely a real vibe for me, especially during this past pandemic of a year. With the restrictions lifting and warmer weather upon us, I feel like we are all finally seeing the light at the end of a weird, gloomy and annoying tunnel.

I have a few exciting projects coming up over the next couple of months, including new work with the Calgary Drop-In Centre, Travel Alberta, The University of Calgary and continuing my volunteer efforts with Dinadi. I’ll also be organizing more shoots with the newly launched The Issue Magazine, whose mission is to shine a spotlight on Alberta’s underappreciated fashion scene. Make sure you’re following my Instagram page for frequent updates.





This video started as a collaborative passion project between myself and my friend Natalie. I set out to tell the story of who she is and why she does what she does. As an artist, designer and maker, Natalie is inspired to create functional design for everyday living. She combines her love for surface design, clean lines and hand-printed fabrics with conscious material choices and in-studio practices.

Not only did this video serve as a beautiful peek inside of Natalie’s word of textiles, but it serves as an example of the benefits of having a brand video for your business. In a matter of minutes, a potential customer can understand what the company is, why they started and what they are offering, which can ultimately save time and money.

Benefits of a brand video:

  • They add value and contribute to the conversation about your brand, which is typically favoured by audiences.
  • They use storytelling to entertain, inform, or communicate a brand’s values, which is an effective way to build more authentic, memorable connections. 
  • This type of branded content can help target what audiences want (funny, entertaining, educational, etc.)
  • Branded videos give viewers a reason to share a brand’s content with their friends and colleagues. 
  • Creating one brand video can be used across several platforms, including a website and social media that you can use time and time again.

The cost for this kind of brand video can range between $2,000 to $4,000, and it all depends on the specific needs of your business. If you’re still not convinced, check out this recent article from UpCity, and/or give my new favourite marketing book a read, “They Ask You Answer,” and if you’re interested, reach out to me to chat further about it.


I recently did a shoot for a local strategic marketing and communications company looking to rebrand. I have a huge crush on these gals and am so excited about their new look – they were all about the high flash and wanted nothing to do with traditional style portraits. Here are some of the favourites that I captured from the shoot. 

To see how these photos look alongside their finished brand, check out the link to their new website below.


I’m getting married! Since getting engaged, the top question I’ve been getting as a photographer is who am I hiring to be photographing my wedding? Good question! I don’t typically photograph weddings, nor do I work in the family portrait space, but these are the local wedding photographers that have stood out to me as experts in the industry and why.

Nicole Sarah Wedding

Nicole is a Calgary-based wedding photographer with over a decade of experience. She brings subtle pops of colour into her photos which give each one a romantic feel. Her Instagram looks like a magazine with its editorial style.

Jackie Kalch 

Almost every photo of Jackie’s features some part of the Alberta landscape, whether it’s a cascading mountain or desert hoodoo. Upon first look, you’ll see the perfect balance between soft details and alluring vibrancy, which is what makes her style so unique.

Rebecca Frank 

Soft and full of emotion is how I’d describe her Instagram feed. Rebecca’s photos have an ethereal element to them with liberal use of natural light – bright, airy and perfect for summer.

Justine Milton

Justine has a soft yet crisp photo style that is achieved with the use of both digital and film photography. Her Instagram feed is what you’d imagine living in a romantic film to feel like – dreamy and full of emotion.

Deserae Evenson 

Deserae is a Rocky Mountain-based photographer who specializes in weddings, engagements, family and editorial work. Her approach to photography is rooted in love, which is communicated through her soft, feminine and romantic shooting style. With a photography degree from the Alberta University of the Arts, Deserae is skilled in capturing both candid and stylized shots, something that is essential for any engaged couple. I actually went to school with Deserae, and I love seeing how her photography has changed over the years.


This is a project that I’m incredibly passionate about growing. Photography as an art form is inherently expensive. I’m aware that many students and other young people in our city may not have the opportunity to explore this discipline due to the financial barrier. Cameras For Kids’ mission is to improve the accessibility of professional-level cameras by acting as the bridge to source, refurbish, and supply cameras to schools and other youth programs, therefore equipping young people in our city with the tools needed to learn about photography.

If you have a professional-level camera that you would consider donating, please email me at



I was thrilled to be a recent guest on the Ladies Who Launch podcast with the talented hosts Alyssa and Dakota. Listen in to find out more about how I started in this industry and how I found my ‘why.’


This past month I hopped on a Zoom call with Shannon Hewlko for a little Q&A about my life, career and all things photography-related. Click the link below to read the full interview. 


Don’t be shy – let’s chat! If you’d like to book a catch-up call, you can reach me at