It has been 2 incredible years of Flash! Portrait Pop-Ups!

I have found such joy in meeting, getting to know, and reconnecting with all of those who I have been lucky enough to photograph in our sessions these last couple of years, and I cannot believe how time has flown!

Photography has changed my life, and I am passionate about bringing out the best in those I photograph, providing high-quality images that make others feel good about themselves while showing their individuality. From Instagram to LinkedIn, how we present ourselves in the world is fundamentally changing. In a time of diverse and permanent digital footprints, it is even more important to create impactful and gorgeous photos that help reflect YOU and your personal style. 

When planning what was next for Flash! it was important to me to share with others how incredible photography can be and how it can be applied in so many areas of modern life. So I am stepping out from behind the camera and creating a guide series to help beginners and professionals master the key photography fundamentals I have learned throughout my 20-year career.

Building off of the original Flash! theme, the Pocket Guide series teaches you the photography basics to help put your best foot forward with all of your online imagery – in an easy-to-access mobile format.

With great excitement, I am finally able to share the Flash! Photo Pocket Guide with you! Developing the guide was a labour of love this year, and I want to give a huge thank you to those who have helped me in its creation.

I truly appreciate your support during the Flash! Portrait Series & I look forward to your company in this new direction! 



Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, you always need to know your photography basics. From selfies to landscapes, this 60–PAGEMOBILE FRIENDLY PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE teaches you the key concepts to take your most stunning photos!
This Guide Will Cover:

COMPOSITION: Photography fundamentals that you will find helpful to remember when trying to capture that perfect shot.

EXPOSURE: Explore the elements used to control the amount of light that reaches your camera’s sensor or film. 

CAMERA: You need your tools to creat art! Learn the many functions of your camera.

LIGHTING: The lights portion of “lights, camera, action!”, study terms for lighting styles in and out of the studio.



This is a project that I’m incredibly passionate about growing. Photography as an art form is inherently expensive. I’m aware that many students and other young people in our city may not have the opportunity to explore this discipline due to the financial barrier. The Camera Collective’s mission is to improve the accessibility of professional-level cameras by acting as the bridge to source, refurbish, and supply cameras to schools and other youth programs, thereby equipping young people in our city with the tools needed to learn about photography.

If you have a professional-level camera or photography gear that you would consider donating, please email me at britta@kokemorstudio.com.